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Dining Hall

"Meigetsu-an" located on the 1st floor of the hotel is a restaurant often used by local customers.
In addition to noodles / set menu / alcohol menu, various kinds of snacks etc are also available, so feel free to use.

We will provide your customer's breakfast also local food "you Toji"Chikuma City here venues of accommodation and your Zen Chikuma rice".
※Depending on the room conditions on the day, changes may be made to the breakfast room, and the Japanese and Western buffets may be prepared instead of the above. Please note.
It is an introduction of Meigetsu-an located in 1F of the hotel.
  • Dining Hall, Meigetsu-an

    Lunch is available to day spa guests. You can use only meals.
    Breakfast and dinner for guests are also available here.
    • Summer limited menu, From June 1
    • Kyosenkaku◆Chikuma City local diet as "your winter solstice Gozen" half buffet of Chikuma rice"
      Kyosenkaku breakfast at Kyosenkaku is renewed!

      Local food of Chikuma City【Dad】With the shrine
      Please enjoy your half-buffet enjoy your favorite Guzai topping Chikuma rice"!

      Click here for more information
    • Shrine
      ●Seafood handbill rice bowl, 1,800 yen
      ●Hatsumabushi rice cake of autumn sword fish, 1,500 yen
    • noodles【ramen·Yakisoba】
      ●Homemade miso ramen, 850 yen
      ●soy source ramen, ¥ 750
      ●Ankake Yakisoba, 900 yen
      ●Ankake Yakisoba "Half", 600 yen
    • noodles【Soba·Udon】
      ●Tempura soba or udon, 1,000 yen
      ●Tempura sobaorUdon, 1,000 yen
      ●Follow(Call)SobaorUdon & mini tempura set, 1,000 yen
      ●Follow(Call)SobaorUdon & Mini Tuna Set, 1,000 yen
      ●Zaru soba or udon, 750 yen
      ●Buckwheat noodlesorUdon, ¥ 750
    • Weight·Bowling thing
      ●Seafood flicker weight, 1,200 yen
      ●Autumn sword fish Hitsumabushi heavy, 900 yen
      ●Bonito mushroom, 900 yen
      ●Shrimp tempura bowl, 900 yen
      ●Oyakodon, ¥ 750
      ●Mini Tengu, 450 yen
      ●Mini tuna bowl, 500 yen
    • Set menu
      ●Sashimi set meal, 1,000 yen
      ●Boiled set meal, 900 yen
      ●Grilled salmon set meal, ¥ 750
      ●Oyster fried food, ¥ 750
    • Set menu·curry·Children's lunch
      ●Shinshu Shirayu Curry Rice(spicy), 900 yen
      ●Shinshu bandits fried set meal, With wasabi sauce, ¥ 750
      ●Yakiniku set meal, 900 yen
      ●Children's lunch, ¥ 750
    • Drink·Appetizers (Single dishes)
      There is also a drinks menu, including drinks and soft drinks.
      Please order a separate menu to accompany your sake.

      One example of single dishes
      ●Sashimi platter※2 to 3, 1,800 yen
      ●tempura※1 serving, 600 yen
      ●Nozawana Tempura, 400 yen
      ●Boiled, 500 yen
      ●Fried Shrimp, 450 yen
      ●Deep fried oysters, 500 yen
      ●Edamame, 350 yen
      ●cold tofu, 350 yen
      ●Potato fries, 400 yen
    •  Dining Hall, Meigetsu-an, information

      Business hours
      【Opening Hours】
      11: 30 to 14: 30 (Last order, 14:00)
      17:00 to 21:00 (Last order, 20:30)
      ※The closing time may be earlier depending on the situation of the day.
      ※In addition, we may take a day off depending on the reservation situation of the banquet or groups.
       Please feel free to contact the front desk for details.
  • Limited to Summer! Fluffy ice has begun!

    Limited to Summer
  • As we got tired, we started "placement!"

    Limited until the end of September!
    As we wanted to eat, we are selling homemade dishes with black vinegar!
    300 yen (tax included)
  • Cold Chinese noodles-under the sea for sale!