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Job Information

  • Job Information

    It is a job involving customers staying at the hotel and customers used for banquets, dinner and bathing.

    Wanted jobs

    ·Front desk staff
    ·Restaurant service staff
    ·Banquet service staff
    ·Kitchen staff
    ·Night front desk staff(Night watchman·Bathroom cleaning)

    Qualification requirements

    ·Educational background no, No experience

    Employment status

    ·Regular employee
    ·Part-time job (from 800 yen / hour)
    ·Contract employee

    Work location

    ·Inariyama Onsen Hotel Kyousenkaku (Kyosenkaku)
    ·Car commuting possible(There is parking space for employees)


    ·Considering the age and experience, I will give preferential treatment.


    For details such as working hours and treatment, please inquire.
    Inariyama Onsen Co, An employee
    571-1 571-1 Inariyama, Chikuma City, Nagano Prefecture
    Phone: 026-272-1154 Mail:info@kyosenkaku.com