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Lunch stop

◆Groups·Group lunch◆, Inariyama Onsen, Kyosenkaku Lunch Stop course

◆Inariyama Onsen, Chikuma, 1,500 yen (tax excluded)

  • Lunch menu for group customers. ※Limited to 10 people or more
    Please use for bus tours, comfort trips, relatives trips, etc.

    ※Contents may change depending on the season / purchase situation.

    sashimi, Shinshu salmon sashimi
    Fried, Shinshu mushrooms (Maitake, persimmon tree mushrooms) tempura with Kyosenkaku specialty" Nozawana
    Meal, Shinshu soba, Seasoned
    Specialty, Inariyama Onsen specialties, "Don't you" Inari
        Inariyama Onsen specialties, "Tametake" Inari
    Soup, Shinshu Miso Miso Soup
    Steamed food, Steamed rice bowl
    Incense, Nozawana pickle
  • Inariyama Onsen specialties
    "Yatara" Inari, "Tametake" Inari
  • Tempura of Shinshu mushroom and Kyosenkaku specialty" Nozawana


  • For reservations or inquiries, please contact us by phone or email.

    Tel: 026-272-1154
    Email: info@kyosenkaku.com