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  • 【Kyosenkaku】
    Shinshu offer a half buffet format where you can enjoy local food from Shinshu and Chikuma City.
    The private platter is a local dish of Chikuma City【Dad】Shrine
    Half buffet there is a Chikuma rice" and "salad corner" to make your favorite ingredients.

    Please enjoy the original breakfast that you will not get bored of staying many times!

    ●Breakfast is only available to hotel guests (with a 1 night breakfast and a reservation with a half board plan).
    ●Breakfast time, 7:00 to 9:00
     We will prepare at the main building on the first floor of Dining Hall Meigetsu-an.
    ●Depending on the availability, it may be a private buffet or a full buffet.
     Please note.
  • Local cuisine of Chikuma City【Dad】

    Chikuma City, there is a local dish called "Otoji" as a dish for visitors.
    "Otoji" which eats vegetables and noodles and eats in warm soup is
    It is served in the morning breakfast of Kyosenkaku.
    Please take this opportunity.

Put carefully selected ingredients on Nagano produced Koshihikari! Kyosenkaku specialty【Chikuma】

How to make a Chikuma rice"

  • ·Shinshu born "namemei", ·Local food "soybeans" of Nagano
    ·刻 み Nozawana, ·Fukinoto Nori seaweed·roasted pork fillet, ·Tororo, ·Natto, ·Hot balls, etc., ,
    Choose your favorite ingredients and add to your meal!
  • Finish is seasoned with seasoning, white radish, sesame oil and enoki vinegar!

Recommended toppings of "Chikuma Mishi"

  • The basic form of the Chikuma Meji!
    【Tororo & soy sauce memeshi】
    1 Tororo···(Appropriate amount)
    2 Enoki vinegar···(Appropriate amount)
    3 soy beans···(Appropriate amount)
    4 bonito season···(a little)
    5 steps of glue & white sesame & green onion···(a little)
  • Collaboration rice of beans ... Serve with hot balls
    【Natto & soy sauce memeshi】
    1 natto···(1 pack)
    2 soy beans···(Appropriate amount)
    3 hot balls···(1 piece)
    4 sesame oil···(Appropriate amount)
    5 steps of glue & white sesame & green onion···(a little)
  • Mayor must see!

    【Niku Nozawana & Hot-ball Mayo Meshi】
    1 chopped Nozawana···(Appropriate amount)
    2 hot balls···(1 piece)
    3 white soup···(Appropriate amount)
    4 mayonnaise···(Appropriate amount)
    5 steps of glue & white sesame & green onion···(a little)
  • Chicken or bird soboro※Daily
    【Hot-ball and char-shu(Bird soboro)Meshi】
    1 onion slice···(Appropriate amount)
    2 charsh or bird soboro···(Appropriate amount)
    3 hot balls···(1 piece)
    4 white soup···(Appropriate amount)
    5 sesame oil···(Appropriate amount)
    6 steps of glue & white sesame & green onion···(a little)
  • Oh my trouble! Is it all for you ?!
    【For the time being, carry it all】
    1 All your favorite food···(Appropriate amount)
    2 Seasoning of your choice···(Appropriate amount)
    3 steps of glue & white sesame & green onion···(Appropriate amount)
    ※Take too much attention!
  • Half buffet salad corner

    There is also a salad corner in the breakfast half buffet.
    Please eat with your favorite dressing.