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  • An important Buddhist event that brings together family, relatives, friends, and friends to express their ancestors' sympathy and gratitude

Guide of the venue

Venue style suitable for legal matters-We will prepare depending on the number of people and room reservation status-

  • Japanese style hall
    Japanese style venue in the South Building.There are 5 rooms.
    You can choose folding seat, table / chair seat.
    We accept laws of small number of people.
  • Western style venue
    Western-style venue on the 2nd floor of the main building.There are 3 rooms.You can use it extensively at the table / chair seat.

Legal hospitality kaiseki cuisine «with cup of sake»

Mizuo≪Mizuhoi≫Solo Traveler, 7,900 yen(Tax included), 14 goods
Blue-green≪To fight≫Solo Traveler, 6,900 yen(Tax included), 14 goods
Yellow plum≪Senior≫Solo Traveler, 5,900 yen(Tax included), 12 items
camellia≪Camellia≫Solo Traveler, 4,900 yen(Tax included), 11 items
ShadowOne person, 2,000 yen (tax included), serving dish to the deceased.
Including memorabilia≪Recycle≫Solo Traveler, 3,500 yen(Tax included)~, ※Use is limited to 5 to 10 people.
Small group · For relatives only
Children's meal A1 person, 1,100 yen (tax included), for infants.
Children's cuisine B1 person, 2,200 yen (including tax), for children over elementary school age.
≪Weekday discount benefits, 500 yen discount≫For legal cuisine meals, on weekdays (Monday - Thursday)※Discount benefits can be used except holidays.

Option menu

DrinkBottled beer(A medium bottle)·Sake(180 ml)·Shochu(Bottle)·Wine(Bottle / glass)·Oolong Tea(bottle)·Cola(bottle)·Orange juice(bottle)·non-alcoholic beer
Please inform us about other drink requests.
giftYou can choose from the product catalog.10% ~ 15% discount on regular price.
Gift for bringing in, we will charge 300 yen (tax not included) per item.
Flower for altarBouquet for vases, 3,300 yen(tax included)~, Arrangement flowers, ¥ 5,500(tax included)~
GuidanceGuide fee creation fee, 2,200 yen(tax included)~, ※Postcard / sealed paper fee will be charged separately
Pick UpBus transfers, free of charge for more than 6 people.
※There are limitations on the number of units.Please reserve as soon as possible.
※Shuttle area, Chikuma City·Nagano City·Sakaki Town
※Only those who use the plan
AccommodationsWe offer a special benefit plan for our guests.
Western-style Room, 1 Night/ Breakfast Included, Solo Traveler, 5,100 yen(tax included)~
Japanese-style room, 1 Night/ Breakfast Included, Solo Traveler, 4,600 yen(tax included)~

※During the period from 8/10 to 8/15, in addition to the above charges,
  A surcharge of 550 yen will be incurred. Please note.
  • Buddhist schedule
  • Booking benefits
  • For reservations and inquiries, please contact the telephone (026-272-1154) or email (info@kyosenkaku.com)