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Surrounding tourism

  • Kuranomachi (Japanese traditional storehouses) Inariyama, Inariyama, a narrow alley and back road connects like a sewing machine between the town houses and warehouses.
  • Chikuma River, overlooking the Hotel Kyosenkaku Kyosenkaku from Chikuma River of early spring
  • Selected as an important cultural landscape of country Obasute Rice Terraces.Many photographers come to Obasute during the rice planting season.
  • Anzu-no-Sato, Chikuma City is the most domestic producer of apricots.You can enjoy apricot flowers in early April.
  • Chisikiji Temple Chishikiji Temple Omido, Chishikiji Temple Omido is said that it was opened in the year, Wooden-Statue of the Eleven-faced Kannon Chishikiji Temple Omido / Wooden-Statue of the Eleven-faced Kannon is an important cultural asset of the country.
  • Summer Fireworks festival at Chikuma River in Chikuma City, held on August Tanabata Night on the The river side of the Chikuma River.