【Official】Hotel Kyosenkaku

Welcome to Hotel Kyosenkaku

One inn in a quiet warehouse "Inariyama Onsen"
Nagano City is within 30 minutes by car to Nagano City and excellent access
Please use the hotel for business / travel base.


  • 【Kyosenkaku Blog·Notice】5/29 update! , "Month of each field"

    Chikuma City terraced rice fields near the JR Shinonoi Line "Obasute Station" in Chikuma City
    For the first time in the country, Tanada is designated as a national scenic spot

    The setting sun reflected in the terraced rice one by one with water
    It is a popular shooting spot for photographers!

    The moon reflected in this Tanada one by one on the night of a full moon is called "the moon of the field".
    It has been known as a scenic spot since the Heian period.

    It is only this season to have this wonderful view!
    How about visiting Chikuma City this opportunity? (^ ^
  • A delicious breakfast of Kyosenkaku◆New appearance! Chikuma City local diet as "your winter solstice Gozen" half buffet of Chikuma rice"

    I have a new breakfast menu!

    Local cuisine of Chikuma City【Dad】With the shrine
    Enjoy ride to your favorite Guzai half buffet of Chikuma rice" Announcing a new!

    Kyosenkaku famous Chikuma rice" is
    Take the carefully selected ingredients to Koshihikari from Nagano Prefecture
    You can enjoy the Chikuma rice" of the original!

    Please enjoy delicious, pleasant breakfast.

  • Restaurant from May 21, 2019【Meigetsu-an】Notice of change of business hours

    Thank you very much for using Hotel Kyousenkaku day.
    Please enjoy the opening hours of restaurant "Meigetsu-an" from May 21, 2019 (Tuesday).
    We will notify you as we will partly revise it.

    【Dining Hall, Meigetsu-an】
    From April 1st, 2019, I was told that the night sales were only for the customers who made reservations.
    We will revise the contents of the business, and dinner will normally open from May 21 (Tuesday).

    Night opening hours
    17: 00-21: 00 (Last order 20:30)
    ※Depending on the situation, it may close at 20:00.

    We will continue to use Hotel Kyousenkaku
    All the staff will wait from the bottom of my heart.


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Hotel Name

Inariyama Onsen, Hotel Kyousenkaku


571-1 Inariyama, Chikuma City, Nagano Prefecture

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10 minutes by car from Nagano Expressway Koshoku IC
10 minutes by car from Shinano Railway Yaosei Station
5 minutes by car from JR Chuo Line Inariyama Station
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  • Summer limited menu◆We started cold Chinese food!

    From June 1, in the Kyosenkaku Restaurant Meigetsu-an
    Summer limited edition menu starts!

    冷 Cold Chinese food, 800 yen
    自家 製 Homemade sesame noodles udon, ¥ 750

    Please take advantage of this opportunity (^ ^ Noshi
  • June day return hot spring business schedule

    June 3 (Mon.) / 17 (Mon.), In-house bath cleaning, open from 16:00
      11th(fire)·The 20th(wood), Inner bath point 2 times DAY
      15th day(Day), Outside hot water point double DAY
      18th(fire), 1 point present
      25th (Tue), loose DAY, bathing fee 260 yen
  • ◆Groups·Group lunch◆Inariyama Onsen Kyosenkaku Lunch Stop

    Recommended for bus tours, comfort trips, relatives, etc.!
    Lunch stop of organizations Own, Chikuma Gozen», is your guide

    I hope you can enjoy it for customers outside the prefecture,
    Shinshu prepared ingredients of Shinshu and specialties of this facility at a casual Japanese-style rice cake.

    Click here for more details

Business guests welcome!

  • For customers using business

    This facility is Nagano City 10 minutes by car from Koshoku IC, 30 minutes by car to Nagano City and excellent location for access
    It is popular with customers who use it for business!
    Use of conference room, use of FreeWiFi etc. Please see here for details.

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