【Official】Hotel Kyosenkaku

Welcome to Hotel Kyosenkaku

A quiet hotel town "Inariyama Onsen"
Nagano City is within 30 minutes by car to Nagano City and excellent access
Please use the hotel for business / travel base.


  • Support Nagano by sightseeing! Chikuma City sale of plan targeted for Chikuma City fukokuwari!

    Due to the impact of Typhoon No. 19, the Chikuma River collapsed, causing severe damage to Chikuma City.
    For volunteers and those who are present for construction work for reconstruction
    Thank you very much.
    In addition, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the neighbors who were affected by the damage.

    Chikuma City, to excite Nagano Prefecture with sightseeing,
    As a reconstruction support project, we have started distributing accommodation assistance of 1,000 yen!

    Since this museum has also started selling eligible plan
    We hope you can use it.

    1000 yen discount on super size upgrade plan!
    Please Kyosenkaku to Kyosenkaku this occasion!
  • Year End Party·Under New Year's party plan reservation acceptance!

    Eat / Drink / Relax!
    Inariyama Onsen at Inariyama Onsen
    We accept reservations for year-end party and new year party.

    Ladies' multi-course meals and free drink plan for women
    We also have nice benefits!

    Click the photo for details of the plan!
  • Under winter limited menu sale!

    The restaurant, Meigetsu-an, has begun selling winter-only menu!

    ●Hoto Nabeyaki Udon, 880 yen (tax included)
     Save on a hot spring bath! 【Bathing set, 1,000 yen (tax included)】

    ●Oshibori Udon, Sakaki Town mouse radish used, 880 yen (tax included)
    The spiciness of Sakaki Town's special product, “Rabbit radish” spreads in the mouth,
    Body warms warm!
    We look forward to your visit.


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Hotel Name

Inariyama Onsen, Hotel Kyosenkaku


571-1 Inariyama, Chikuma City, Nagano Prefecture

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10 minutes by car from Nagano Expressway Koshoku IC
10 minutes by car from Shinano Railway Yaosei Station
5 minutes by car from JR Chuo Line Inariyama Station
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Business guests welcome!

  • For customers using business

    This facility is Nagano City 10 minutes by car from Koshoku IC, 30 minutes by car to Nagano City and excellent location for access
    It is popular with customers who use it for business!
    Use of conference room, use of FreeWiFi etc. Please see here for details.

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